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Kate Kisset's Book Review Team for Contemporary Romances.

Members may receive an advanced reader copy of any upcoming book, with the member's promise that they will post their HONEST review on Amazon, Goodreads, your blog, etc. within ONE WEEK of the sale date.

Please Sign up ONLY if you are willing and able to review books. 

There are are a limited number of copies. Please sign up ASAP. You'll be contacted if you have been selected to receive a copy.
Thank you for showing an interest in my stories! I call this group
The Kissables because I'd give you a kiss on the cheek if I could!
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This ARC (Advanced Review Copy) is NOT to be shared or sold as it is copyrighted material by Kate Kisset. My Kindle  World materials are published by Amazon/Kindle Worlds. As a reader, I understand that this ARC was given to me for the purpose of reading and reviewing. *

If you happen to find an error, PLEASE let me know. I'm striving to make the best book possible for you and other readers! Please email me at with the issue. Please type part of the sentence you find the error in, so I can correct it ASAP.
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As a KISSABLES member, I might like to send you a paperback copy of a book or other book related goodies. If you would like to receive something by mail, please share your full mailing address. I will keep this information private. If you choose not to share your mailing address, it will have no bearing on acceptance to this group. *

Thank you so much for answering this questionnaire. If you are selected, and I haven't run out of copies, I'll be in touch shortly. I truly appreciate your time and interest in my stories.

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